Personal Injury Practice

Personal Injury

Personal injury cases involve civil matters where someone is physically injured or killed by the act of another person or company. The injured person is then entitled to monetary compensation for their injuries. Personal injury cases may arise because of defective products, wrongful death, automobile accidents or by someone who fails to keep a building or property in safe condition.


Either side in a civil or criminal case who believes they are not treated fairly in the trial court has the right to appeal their case to the appropriate appellate court. Appeals require the preparation of the briefs which set forth the legal issues and the subsequent arguments before the appellate court.

Criminal Defense

We are Michigan criminal defense lawyers who aggressively represent clients charged with felonies or misdemeanors. Felonies include all crimes punishable by more than one year in the state prison. Misdemeanors involve any case where the maximum punishment is one year or less in the county jail.

Family Law

A divorce is one aspect of a broad category of cases that fall under the classification of Michigan Family Law. Many times divorce cases leave unsettled issues such as parenting time, child support or alimony, which may need to be addressed years after a divorce is final. Family law issues can also involve child custody, child neglect and parental rights termination proceedings.


Juvenile cases result when a person under the age of 17 is charged with a crime. These criminal cases are handled in the Family Law Division of the Circuit Court because juveniles are treated very differently from adult offenders. Certain cases do arise, however, where a juvenile defendant may be tried as an adult, primarily when the charges are serious such as murder or rape.

License Restoration

Michigan drivers license restoration cases involve presenting evidence to the Michigan Secretary of State for restoration of driving privileges after a driver’s license has been revoked, due to a drunk driving conviction or an unsatisfactory driving record. Drivers are entitled to a hearing before an administrative law judge at the Driver Assessment and Appeal Division of the Secretary of State. If you need assistance with Michigan drivers’ license restoration contact us using the form provided.

Neglect & Deliquency

Michigan parental rights and neglect cases involve the prosecutor’s offices’ attempt to terminate a parent’s right to raise his children. Parents are entitled to a jury trial in regard to the allegations. Delinquency proceedings involve criminal charges against children under the age of seventeen and can include misdemeanors and felonies.

Complex Litigation

Ending a marriage is a difficult process for all parties involved. The family law and Michigan divorce lawyers at Flood Law understand the complicated issues that may arise and work tirelessly to resolve them in the most favorable manner for their clients. Divorce matters involve all aspects of a divorce including the fair division of assets, child custody and parenting time, retirement benefits distribution, and the final divorce judgment.

Drunk Driving

Drunk driving (or operating while intoxicated - OWI) is a specialized area of criminal law. OWI cases have many ramifications, not only because of the threat of jail time, but because of the serious impact a conviction can have on a person’s drivers license.
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